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New tools enable new techniques

Grantable augments your abilities with skillful application of technology to grant workflows

AI grant writing assistant

A world-class grant writing assistant for your organization. Give your Grantable AI writing assistant source material from your previous grant proposals, or let it suggest resources to instantly draft high-quality responses to grant proposal questions.

Accurate AI composition

Unlike other generative AI text bots, Grantable uses an organization's existing content library as the basis for generating content. This means reduced 'hallucinations' with facts, figures, and style that are consistent and authentic to your organization.

Advanced Content Search and Extraction

Grantable offers robust search capabilities for efficient content retrieval, reminiscent of a powerful "Control + F" function that operates seamlessly across all content. Users can search by keywords, phrases, and statistics, highlight and extract excerpts, and utilize filters to refine search results.

Data security and privacy

Grantable's database is SOC2 Type 2 compliant. All customer data is encrypted at REST with AES-256 and in transit via TLS. Sensitive information like access tokens and keys are encrypted at the application level before they are stored in the database.

Dynamic Table of Contents Generation

Grantable's block creation feature automatically generates a clickable table of contents within lengthy documents, providing seamless navigation through sections, answer blocks, and tasks for enhanced readability.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Grantable's AI assistant is equipped to extract numerical data from files stored in your account, enhancing data retrieval and management.

Multiple organization workspaces

Grantable provides grant professionals who work with multiple organizations the ability to easily switch between client workspaces. Instead of managing lots of login credentials and navigating through messy client databases, quickly toggle between your organization workspaces, which keep data separate and organized.

Revision History and Version Restoration

Grantable's revision history feature ensures accountability by tracking changes made to each content block, enabling effortless restoration to previous versions of your work when needed.

Seamless Content Management and Assistance

Grantable offers a user-friendly content management experience by utilizing familiar file storage systems, complete with drag-and-drop folders, and an integrated assistant to streamline organization and tracking.

Selectable source materials

Give snippets, files, and entire folders to your AI writing assistant to use as source material

Smart content library

Grantable holds all of your grant proposal content in a centralized and searchable library. This allows you and your AI assistant to easily reference anything in your library when composing content.

Task Tracking and Tagging for Grant Proposals

Grantable enables users to efficiently manage and monitor various tasks within grant proposals. Users can tag tasks, track their progress, and conveniently create and manage tasks directly from the document.