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Why it matters

The top grant-seeking challenge nonprofits report is insufficient time and capacity to apply for grant funding.

Scrappy nonprofit teams love Grantable because it allows them to write one grant proposal, and let AI help to write all the rest. Grantable helps mission-driven teams to get more use out of carefully crafted prose by utilizing generative AI technology to help you respond to proposal questions.

By reducing the effort necessary to put together a strong grant application, organizations can take back time to focus on other priorities, or increase the number of grant opportunities they can pursue.

Nonprofits worldwide
More efficient

AI grant writing assistant

A world-class grant writing assistant for your organization. Give your Grantable AI writing assistant source material from your previous grant proposals, or let it suggest resources to instantly draft high-quality responses to grant proposal questions.

Smart content library

Grantable holds all of your grant proposal content in a centralized and searchable library. This allows you and your AI assistant to easily reference anything in your library when composing content.

Accurate AI composition

Unlike other generative AI text bots, Grantable uses an organization's existing content library as the basis for generating content. This means reduced 'hallucinations' with facts, figures, and style that are consistent and authentic to your organization.

Data security and privacy

Grantable's database is SOC2 Type 2 compliant. All customer data is encrypted at REST with AES-256 and in transit via TLS. Sensitive information like access tokens and keys are encrypted at the application level before they are stored in the database.
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