AI Grant Writing

A free, self-guided open course for grant professionals of all levels to learn about using artificial intelligence to augment your work
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Reasons to take this free course

Our course is designed to support grant writers and applicants in the following ways

Explore AI Tools

Discover how AI tools can streamline processes and help focus on strategic thinking.

Adapt to Change

Navigate the grant world more effectively and find innovative ways to support communities.

Improve Accuracy and Time Management

Manage the intricacies of grant applications while improving accuracy and saving time.

Efficient and Effective Proposal Creation

Create compelling and tailored proposals efficiently with AI assistance

Learning objectives

As a grant professional, you're always looking for new ways to enhance your work. This course offers an opportunity to explore the world of artificial intelligence (AI) in grant writing.

The curriculum is designed to help you to learn how to use AI tools to streamline grant-seeking processes, improve quality, and save time. The program is intended to help you navigate the complexities of the grant world in the age of AI, and to apply innovation to supporting communities and causes.

Throughout the program, you'll learn how to address biases in AI-generated language, customize content while maintaining authenticity, and evaluate the reliability and biases of AI-generated insights.

The material includes discussions about advocating for the responsible and equitable use of AI in grant seeking and broader contexts. You'll gain a foundational understanding of AI, its application in grant writing, proficiency in using AI to augment your workflows, and strategies for effectively blending AI-enhanced storytelling with human creativity for compelling proposals.

This is a free open course that is entirely self-directed, and it can also be completed as a group.

Develop foundational AI understanding

Grasp fundamental terminology and basics of operation of various forms of artificial intelligence and smart technology

AI for grant-seeking

Understand how to use specific AI tools to augment grant-seeking processes and outcomes

Customizing AI content

Go deeper to develop skills to improve proposals with AI support while preserving authenticity and human oversight

Responsible AI use

Learn how to achieve responsible and equitable use of AI in grant seeking

Critically assessing AI

Discover how to critically valuate the evolving landscape of AI technology and the implications for your work

About the instructor

Philip Deng is cofounder and CEO of Grantable. He has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 15 years on three continents and in three languages, with experience as a development manager, executive director, and professional grants consultant.

Philip is a regular speaker in front of nonprofit audiences, on topics concerning the intersection of technology and philanthropic work.

He is a member of the OpenAI Forum, his work has been featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Stanford Social Innovation Review, and he publishes a regular newsletter called, The Process.

Philip Deng
Co-founder & CEO, Grantable

Course format

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Concise and accessible

Course materials are written to be lean and engaging with minimal jargon and rich storytelling

Self-guided activities

Easy and fun activities for gaining practical experience with AI tools


Measure your own comprehension and progress to understand when you've mastered the material

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