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Grantable Agency is the leading AI grant writing software purpose-built for grant consulting firms and freelancers creating high volumes of grant proposals for multiple clients
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women talkingby Toa Heftiba

What makes growing a grant consultancy so tough?

Every client is different, which makes managing multiple content libraries, bespoke data storage practices, and endless moving pieces a real challenge.

Messy information

Most organizations do not have well-defined or standardized content management practices

Many voices

Each client organization has a different mission, style, and approach to grant-seeking that must remain authentic

Draft in seconds with AI

Join 10,000+ organizations using Grantable to accelerate first drafts of grant proposal narrative

Authentic style

Find grantmakers giving to your projects like yours, choosing from over 225 unique search terms to zero in on the right funders

Factual accuracy

Unlike some chatbots, Grantable uses an organization's existing content as source material to avoid fabricated facts
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Utilize multiple workspaces

Manage and move between separate client workspaces to keep materials secure, organized, and accessible

Smart content libraries

Workspaces hold files and folders to ensure client data isn't commingled

Easy switching

Move easily between client workspaces with a simple toggle
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Maintain privacy and security

Store client content in a secure database to minimize risk

No LLM access

Files stored in Grantable are not subject to large language model training

Compartmentalized data

Share only what needs to be shared with AI models
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Per 10 workspaces
1Grantable Pro Subscription
Total Value $890
Exclusive Pricing $199 (Save $691/month)
10 client workspaces
5 seats per workspace
Enterprise email support
Unlimited document storage
Unlimited AI writes and revisions
Powerful library content search
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